Explore Gemini Sound: Pro Audio, DJ, and Consumer Solutions

Explore Gemini Sound: Pro Audio, DJ, and Consumer Solutions

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Gemini offers a wide selection of audio products, including speakers, accessories, microphones, mixers, stands, amplifiers, and much more.

For over fifty years, Gemini Sound has been designing products that offer value and innovation in the DJ, Pro Audio, and Consumer Electronic markets. Whatever the occasion or environment, Gemini Sound has the products customers need to fit their project needs.

Gemini presents a diverse selection of amplifiers, PA sound systems, and powered speakers. Find out more.

Gemini’s XGA Series Amps are engineered to provide consistent wattage reliably over time. Specifically designed for PA systems and DJ rigs, they deliver instant peak power for seamless performance. Click to learn more about Gemini’s XGA Series Amps.

For durable PA sound systems, look no further than Gemini’s affordable ES-210MXBLUE. Featuring 10″ LF Woofers with a 2″ Voice Coil and including all necessary cables for operation, this portable PA system also comes with a bonus Free Microphone boasting 48V Phantom Power for Condenser Mics.

Gemini Sound offers powered speakers capable of delivering exceptional sound quality in any environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Take, for instance, Gemini’s GPSS-650, a portable powered speaker equipped with a built-in mixer,

Explore Gemini’s DJ Essentials: Media Players, Turntables, and Mixers

Gemini provides affordable media players tailored for professional DJs, like the MDJ-900, a pro USB media player and DJ controller. It’s equipped with a generous 4.3-inch full-color screen for real-time track visualization.

For turntables, Gemini provides direct drive options like the TT-4000.This model features a precision-engineered, die-cast aluminum platter for stable rotation and a 16-pole, 3-Phase brushless DC motor for instant start. It also offers precision pitch control of +/- 10%.

Gemini’s DJ mixers cater to both professional and beginner DJs. The rugged MXR-01BT is a two-channel professional DJ mixer with Bluetooth input. It includes a 1/4-inch microphone input with dedicated volume control and EQ, a 1/4-inch headphone input with dedicated volume control, and more.

Get Acquainted with Gemini’s Consumer Products: Karaoke, Party Speakers, and Party Systems

Gemini offers a range of consumer karaoke systems. Take the GPK-1200, for instance, a home karaoke party speaker with Bluetooth, USB, and FM radio playback capabilities. Boasting 6000 watts of peak power, along with two 12-inch woofers and two 3 inch tweeters, it delivers powerful sound.

For outdoor gatherings, Gemini provides waterproof and portable party speakers like the SOSP-8. This floating Bluetooth speaker boasts a 24-hour battery life, a 400W amplifier, and an IP67 rating against liquid and dust.

Gemini also offers a variety of party speakers, such as the GSYS-4800,which features a sleek, modern design and delivers clear, powerful sound. It includes various onboard audio playback options and can connect to virtually any audio source via auxiliary input. Additionally, it offers USB and Bluetooth connectivity.

For pricing inquiries or to explore more of Gemini’s products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to AVE’s sales team or visit the dealer portal.