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Russound: MIXAMP-60 and MBX-Series

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 | 12:00PM

We’ll take a look at the MIXAMP-60 Mixer Amplifier with MP3, FM tuner & Bluetooth available from Russound. This is ideal for schools, supermarkets, convenience stores, banks, retail stores and similar environments. It is an all-in-one solution with built-in audio sources, pre-amp mixing, audio amplification, expandability to external sources, microphones, etc., in one small, rack-mountable chassis.

The two products in the MBX family are dedicated to wireless streaming – The MBX-AMP is a full-featured streaming audio player with a built-in amplifier; the MBX-PRE is a preamp-only (non-amplified) version designed to be the perfect streaming audio source for Russound’s MCA-Series controllers like the MCA-66 and MCA-88. The MBX-Series products give you the flexibility and reliability needed to satisfy the needs of any clientele. And they deliver high-res audio performance that today’s customers demand.

This class is designed to provide the Russound Certified Installer with helpful knowledge and information required for selling and installing light commercial and streaming options. We will focus on both the seasoned veteran as well as the RCI who has been thinking of adding this important, high profit category to their business model. As part of the Russound Certified Installer program, these products are only available to authorized custom installation professionals.

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