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URC: Total Control Flex Introduction

Tuesday, November 9th, 2021 | 10:00AM

TC Flex is an alternative software platform designed specifically for those who require an “open canvas” when it comes to programming a Total Control system.

Having an open-interface layout offers unlimited possibilities making it great for commercial or high-end residential projects. Users can add scalable, custom graphics to create a personalized and intuitive experience.

This 3-day session is designed to teach individuals the powerful Flex programming platform for use in commercial and residential environments. This software, which is used with URC’s Total Control product line, offers many capabilities and options previously unavailable.

Learn about the power of true customization as we dive into programming a complete system that will include graphics, UI design, programming logic and much, much more. At the completion of this session you will be able to fully program a complete Total Control system using the comprehensive TC Flex software.

Please contact your salesperson for access to this training.

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