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IC Realtime: Smartest & Most Secure Facial Recognition Ever

jueves, septiembre 29th, 2022 | 11:00AM

If you’re looking for the most intelligent and secure facial recognition NVR in the video security industry, join our webinar to meet the NVR-916NS.

Get alerted if someone banned walks into a school, ensure protection in a domestic dispute, or stop a disgruntled old employee at the entrance before they get in. This Ai-powered NVR, moves facility security to a new level, potentially stopping incidents before they happen.

Up to 100,000 face records can be stored and processed inside the unit and not in an external web server, making them private and secure.

Since all the recognition magic happens in the NVR, any HD video network stream can be added – even IC Realtime’s most basic cameras.

Don’t miss our webinar to learn more about the NVR-916NS.

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